Saturday, September 29, 2012


euro exploration intro

All this image really means, is that I have been in this city now for coming up to three years, three long, long winters and three very fun but short summers. Even deprived of any sign of a decent ocean and refreshing waves, nothing can top the enjoyment and kindness I have experienced from the people I have became close to here. Not to mention how patriotic I have become for my state of birth and home town, I apreciate what I had now, when I was home, I would despise what it was and what I had as a teenager. This image tells me that I have also festered demons with this place, what it is and what it brings out, the image explains to me how much my tastes and perspectives and what I thought was imporatant are vastly different after three years Not only did I change what I thought I wanted to do in this life, but my health has taken the brunt of the life style in which you base everyday on. Drinking, a diet of strong, quick and rich foods, the colour of the sky, grey, the colour of my skin, white going on transparent and the Melbourne army of allergies floating in the wind.

But now comes the second chapter, I suppose I will refer it, to make myself feel better or give it a sense of place. Moving to  the other side of the country, it is inevitable that in time, your thoughts will turn to moving on, or to moving home, flying north, putting your bare feet and the hot sand and spiked twigs and brown snakes, if that is in fact where home is. As now there are two places that you heart is held down, as contrasting as they are, this may be the resaon it is so. So off we go, with my partner in life and in fun, to go and see where we have not not been, and decide where it is where we really want to be, and one day we will be back to see you all again and maybe we will call this city home or maybe we wont.